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Com nieu Suoi Hong

Com nieu Suoi Hong

147th kilometer, 20 National Highway, Madaguoi, Da Huoai Dist., Lam Dong Prov.

Tel: (0633) 875979

Hotline: 0979 159 739 (Mrs. Trâm Anh)

Nestled at the foot of Chuoi mountain pass on Highway 20, Suoi Hong has become an ideal location of many travelers passing through Madaguoi in Lam Dong province. About 2 kms away from Madaguoi intersection in the direction of Dalat, tourists easily discover this stop coming up with a spacious parking lot along a very soft sounding name – Suoi Hong.


Sitting at the way where a natural stream flows from the mountain, this becomes so close to nature through the audible murmuring stream. This is also the first impression visitors have upon an opportunity to stop at this place. A clear distinction of Suoi Hong is its consistent layout style characterized that of the Highlands.


Perhaps being born in the land and attached to it makes one clearly penetrate the architecture as well as the cuisine here. It is such a hardship to find anywhere in the city offering similar architecture with roof, wooden pillars, aquarium beneath together with water mill and beautiful potted orchids. There are also birds singing to be mixed with the stream’s sound, simulating the call of the mountains. Tourists come here not just for enjoying foods, but also to be in harmony with nature and to experience a widespread feeling by the comfort of the air. There exists no fatigue after the whole long journey but deep feelings gently caught in this rich Highland region.


Almost all rice dishes and drinks which are specialties of Highlands are offered, including typically wild meat with unique taste. Besides, some candy and other sweet cakes are for sales so the tourists can opt for as souvenirs given to others on the way home. Night food is served from 6pm to 2am. Large space is suitable for wedding parties or meetings.

If you have a chance to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat or vice versa, please pay a visit to Suoi Hong and fully enjoy the comfortable feelings approaching all your senses in this place.


 All guests are welcome!

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